Curiously, there is no such thing as “web 3” CFOs.There are Web 2 CFOs that need to adapt to crypto practices.

Here are the top 5 resources to help any CFO kickstart and stay on top of crypto problems.Let’s break down the top 5 resources to enter the space as a CFO.

1. Start with the basics of web3

Defining the web3 stack

This is one of the best starting packs. from definitions to a number of tools.

2. Understand common web2 challenges

The Evolution of Finance’s Role and Tech Stack by Rajeev Dham, Jane Lee, Aditya Reddy

This is a great overview of the evolution of the role of the CFO. From forecasting & budgeting to managing banking problems and reconciliation.

It will give CFOs a good reminder of all the current problems they face and the actual Web2 solutions.

3. Understand the current tooling landscape

The CFO in Crisis Mode: Modern Times Call for New Tools | Andreessen Horowitz

This article is of tremendous value to understanding the current landscape.

4. Understand how web3 is adding more complexity to web2 practices

Crypto back office & challenges by Cryptio

5. Get an advanced overview of all the web3 financial stack

How to be a successful web3 CFO? by Nakul Gupta

This is maybe the most well written article about the current web3 challenges. From wallets to crypto banking, dealing with on and off ramps providers. A must read.

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We’re going to start publishing a lot of curated web3 resources.

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Eytan Messika is one of the co-founders at Nilos.

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