The financial bridge to digital assets.
Crypto disrupts money the same way internet disrupts information. From near-free cross-border payments to tokenization, businesses need to leverage digital assets to stay competitive and innovate. But, every step towards adoption is complicated: huge technological shift, new payment rails, strong compliance requirements, new accounting rules, volatility issues, transparency needs...Businesses need a framework to navigate this change.
At Nilos, we abstract the complexity of managing crypto for a business providing a set of standardized and compliant financial solutions.
Reimagining the world of cross border payment with digital assets.
To build the best product, we've gathered a team of passionate engineers & compliance experts from companies like Microsoft, Checkpoint, Paypal, Fiver, Intel, Western Union and more.
Start leveraging digital assets in your business.
Why us?
On/Off-ramp from crypto to fiat in 7 seconds
100% transaction acceptance rate in Europe.
Accept & process global payments. Settle in 120+ countries.
Every transaction is on chain, transparent and traceable via any explorer.
Embedded digital asset solutions with Nilos infrastructure.
Leverage our compliance framework, licenses and technological infrastructure. Launch crypto services for your clients in minutes.
We’re backed by great investors.
Among them, the CEOs and founders of the most successful companies in fintech, security and web3.
We’re hiring
We need sharp thinkers to re-invent how B2B payments are done. Are you looking for a new job? Browse our careers.
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Account Executive
Tel Aviv, Israel
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Compliance Intern
France, Paris
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Digital assets, made easy, for businesses.
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