Digital Currencies and the Transformation of Payments: The New Standard for Speed and Efficiency
Nilos Team
September 27, 2023

In an age where digital platforms have completely transformed the way we access services, the demand for speed, transparency, accessibility, and affordability has reached an all-time high. Gone are the days of booking restaurant tables over the phone or renting physical DVDs to watch a movie. Today, we expect instant services, delivered effortlessly through our smartphones, anytime and anywhere.

Consider the giants of the digital era:

Netflix - Delivering entertainment to your screen anytime, anywhere.

Amazon - Distributing products to your doorstep anytime, anywhere.

Uber - Providing transportation to your location anytime, anywhere.

These platforms have not only changed the game but have rewired our brains to expect a new standard for digital services: they must be transparent, accessible, affordable, and, above all, fast.

Now, think about any industry that falls short of these standards, and you'll uncover something fascinating. In the world of cross-border B2B payments, this gap between expectation and reality is glaring.

Imagine paying an exorbitant €85 fee to transfer €5000 from abroad to your bank account in France, only to be told it will take four working days to arrive, all while being in the dark about the process. This scenario is a stark contrast to the experiences we've become accustomed to through digital platforms.

Meanwhile, forward-thinking businesses are already harnessing the power of digital assets, setting a new standard in payments without realizing it. They are wiring 1,000,000 USDC in just two seconds, paying a mere $2, and doing it from anywhere in the world. This is the embodiment of the new standard: transparent, accessible, affordable, and lightning-fast.

Digital assets represent this paradigm shift, yet many businesses are still unaware of their potential. Outdated systems like SWIFT persist because there hasn't been a better, integrated, and comprehensible alternative. Businesses feel forced to use it due to a lack of viable options.

That's where Nilos ( steps in as the bridge to digital assets with efficient on and off ramps. We ensure that businesses not only understand but can seamlessly integrate digital assets into their financial operations. We provide the missing link to a new era of payments that aligns with the expectations set by the digital giants of our time.

Digital currencies are not just a trend; they are the future of payments. Businesses that embrace this shift early will thrive in an environment where speed, transparency, accessibility, and affordability are the new standard. Nilos is here to lead the way, enabling businesses to navigate this transformation and stay ahead of the curve.

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