Global Payments
Settle funds anywhere in the world almost instantly. Move funds globally and seamlessly using local rails, from your digital account to any bank or digital account.
Trusted by the fastest companies in Europe
Pay any bank account from your digital account. We route payments through your vIBAN, so recipients know you are the one paying them.
Pay anywhere in the world using local rails. We partner with leading payment providers to cover 121 countries, 30+ currencies (USD, GBP, EURO...) and make near-instant settlements.
Go borderless and pay any digital wallet straight from your vIBAN account.
Batch your payments into single transactions, saving time and gas fees.
Instant settlements
90% of transactions are settled under a minute.
Cross-currency rails
Pay vendors and contractors and reduce fees leveraging our connectivity to local payments rails.
24/7 Settlements
Send digital asset payments on your schedule, regardless of traditional banking hours.
Global coverage
Pay anywhere in the world using local rails, in 120+ countries at the best price leveraging our connectivity to local payments rails.
Open a business account in 5 minutes.
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Efficient team management with role based access
Add new team members, secure your operations, configure individual access rights for your team and establish requests or approval processes to validate payments.
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One business account, multiple currencies, across crypto & fiat.
Track all your payments in a single dashboard.  Centralize your operations and trigger payments across both rails.
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Compliant and secure by design
Your account is a fortress. We've implemented complex algorithmic functions to keep you safe from theft and money laundering. Our AML processes are backed by the highest regulated entities in Europe (AMF & FCIS).
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