crypto as a service
Financial Institutions
Nilos provides financial institutions with a crypto infrastructure as a service.
Leverage our compliance framework to offer new crypto products to your clients.
Trusted by the fastest companies in Europe
Open a v-IBAN account for upcoming deposits and withdrawals.
Deposit funds in either EUR or GBP into your account.
Get real time quotes for most crypto<>fiat pairs 
Get a locked and immediate FX price to trade fiat for crypto
Pay any merchant with cryptocurrency without ever owning digital assets.
We withdraw funds in fiat currency from your v-IBAN deposit address and send cryptocurrency to the recipient from our accounts.
Leverage our compliance framework
Every address used is monitored by our compliance system to keep you safe from money laundering activities. Our procedures are validated both by the AMF and the FCIS.
Crypto native businesses
Payment Service Providers
We handle all crypto-related operations, while you only hold fiat currencies. You're never exposed.
Multi Currencies
We provide multi settlement currency options, such as USDC, USDT, and ETH.
Compettitive Rates
Access the most favorable exchange rates using our market-making technology.
Rely on our AML/CFT policies and  procedures. We're registered by both the AMF and FCIS.
Instant Settlements
We process settlements within seconds. Funds are always 100% available.
Open a business account in 5 minutes.
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Efficient team management with role based access
Add new team members, secure your operations, configure individual access rights for your team and establish requests or approval processes to validate payments.
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Pay from anywhere to anywhere
On & Off ramps in seconds. Pay contractors, employees and suppliers from any of your account using both crypto and fiat currencies.
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Compliant and secure by design
Your account is a fortress. We've implemented complex algorithmic functions to keep you safe from theft and money laundering. Our AML processes are backed by the highest regulated entities in Europe (AMF & FCIS).
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Digital assets, made easy, for businesses
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